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Let’s go shooting

outdoor and indoor bullet traps

With spring about to officially give way to summer, perhaps the heat is here to stay in the Midwest. And with heat comes a flurry of activities for the active outdoorsman. Let’s go fishing and hiking and… let’s go shooting!

Our Bullet Bunker series of bullet traps is perfect for at home usage, giving you the flexibility and freedom to shoot at your pleasure. No more long drives to the shooting range. No more waiting in line for an open space to shoot. No more anxiety from keeping someone else from shooting while you relax and enjoy yourself.

The long drive is replaced by a walk to the backyard. The waiting and the anxiety about long lines is eliminated because it’s just you! Shoot for as long as you want! No one is behind you; no one is looking over your shoulder!

Our Bullet Bunker’s are specifically designed for at home use, allowing sportsmen the freedom of shooting for ten minutes, or five hours. The solid, durable construction is safe, secure and strengthened with the innovative engineering of longtime sportsmen. Not to mention- the sleek but rugged design is an attractive showpiece in the yard.

Bullet Bunker’s will cure the itch to shoot with minimal set up and maintenance required. The inner rubber ballistic material needs changed based on the number of rounds you shoot.

Are you ready? Call our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff to place your order today. They can help you choose the best bunker for your needs. We look forward to helping you create your own slice of heaven in your backyard!