About Us

The Revolutionary Bullet Bunker Traps Captures Bullets Safely, Reliably and Consistently, Preventing Environmental Damage! Made in the USA!

The Bullet Bunker System is designed to trap or capture entire bullets versus redirecting them into a body of water, wetland or earthen backstop. It protects the environment by collecting and containing lead fragments.

  • Bullet stopping power!

    18 models available. Whether you are shooting .17 Rimfire, .44 magnum, 460 Weatherby Magnum or armored vehicle piercing 30 mm ammunition, Bullet Bunker gives you more than anything Gary Mols bullet bunkerselse – Bullet Stopping Power!

  • Prevents Environmental Damage

    Bullet Bunker safely and efficiently allows for the collection, removal and disposal of collected trapped  lead and other debris without causing environmental damage. Bullet bunker conforms to all city, county, state or federal regulations.

  • The Bullet Bunker’s Innovation . . . In-elastic Collision stops projectiles

    Bullet Bunker’s legendary Bullet Stopping Power is the result of never ending innovation from the Bullet Bunker Innovation team who happen to be former and current military and law enforcement personnel, alongside civilian shooters dedicated to developing the most advanced, most effective and safest bullet collection and disposal systems available.

  • Premium components, innovative in-house manufacturing for performance and reliability

    Every Bullet Bunker Trap is developed and produced in The Bullet Bunker’s Norwalk Ohio Facility. Only the finest components are used and production is controlled by and monitored by Bullet Bunker personnel. This means quality, reliability and performance all made in the USA.

  • The Bullet Bunker withstands tens of thousands of shots

    The Bullet Bunker’s self sealing face allows you to shoot tens of thousands of rounds into the trap unit. Clean out is simply performed by removing the face bolts and emptying the projectiles to be returned to a recycling center. 18 bullet traps available, made in the USA.