Black Hole II Model (BHII14)

Black Hole II bullet trap

Black Hole II- click for larger view

Like no other bullet trap

Black Hole 2

Black Hole II

Take our Black Hole I, our strongest model to date, double its strength and a “Beast was born, The Black Hole II”.   It has a self-contained, dual industrial pump sprinkler system, for smoke, fire and heat protection.  It was designed to deal with the heat of spalling and tracer rounds. It comes with neoprene coated steel wheel swivel casters and is rated for indoor and outdoor use.  If you shoot Extreme weapons and need them stopped, This unit is for you! May be customized.

Trap Dimensions: 71.07″D X 51″W X 47.42′H
Weight: 5125 lbs.
Target face size- 48″ x 48″
Strike Zone- 24″ x 24″


Price available upon request