How Bullet Traps Work

A Revolution In Bullet Trap Technology

Stopping projectiles and trapping their byproducts is the Bullet Bunker’s mission. How does it do it? Through a very unique – and trusted – engineering principle.

How It Works

The Bullet Bunker bullet trap consists of a specially designed face of rubber with layers of ballistic fabric laminated in between. This ballistic fabric, similar to the product used in bullet-proof vests, is a tough and rugged polyester-nylon blend. Behind this sheet is a specifically engineered ballistic medium that is then loaded into a steel box behind the face.

When bullets go through the face of the Bullet Bunker, deceleration immediately begins as bullets hit all of the medium pieces in the box at different angles resulting in the bullets coming to a quick standstill. It’s a process of energy transformation known as inelastic collision – and it’s what makes the Bullet Bunker so durable, safe and reliably effective.

Bullet-Stopping Power, Environmentally-Friendly Results

Bullet Bunkers have the power to stop and contain everything from .22 caliber rimfire to .50 BMG, and because projectiles are stopped before impacting on a hard wall, bullets are sometimes left nearly intact.

The Bullet Bunker is a “green” machine, too!

It’s a responsible containment system that effectively prevents harmful metals like copper and lead from entering the air and ground. Copper and lead recovery with the Bullet Bunker is simple — and could even be profitable!  Fantastic for home personal shooting ranges also.

Our Self-Sealing Face Stands The Test of Time

The face panel of the Bullet Bunker unit can take thousands of rounds before needing to be replaced. If and when the face shows signs of wear, it can be manually replaced by removing a few bolts and opening/removing the front collar.